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The poet and artist, Lucian Eyers has been writing poetry, painting and drawing from childhood for more than forty years. Lucian’s adventure stories and spiritual poems tackle complex issues with clarity and wisdom. He explains that much of the inspiration for his poetry comes directly from his angel and spirit guides. Lucian has the rare ability to combine art and poetry that brings to the reader, laughter, hope and revelation.


Lucian Eyers

Lucian’s first book ‘Sparky and the Magic Garden’ was published in 1994. He read this adventure book to thousands of children throughout England. “I understood the importance of meeting my audience, children look at things in far greater detail than we do – a positive advantage to being small.”

For centuries communities relied on verse as a means of passing down stories and knowledge. Poetry forces the author to be economical in his or her thoughts and to focus on the beauty of language. There has been much stigma associated with poetry in the past, as it has earned a reputation for being sometimes difficult to understand or self-indulgent, often dwelling on subjects such as love-lost or death, without perhaps attempting to supply an explanation or to fully entertain the reader.

The motivation behind Lucian’s work is to bring poetry to children and adults which is clear to understand and can be easily enjoyed. The ‘Read Aloud’ eBooks now allow an experience that can have a significant effect on how we embrace poetry more freely. By listening to the author and seeing the written word, the eBook now gives the reader the opportunity to enjoy the poems as they were intended. This gives the listener confidence in reciting Lucian’s poems and works by other poets.


Load up your device with these great Read Aloud eBooks. See and hear these stories in verse, read by the author.


The Angel Book of Hours The Little Angel Book of Hours

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