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lucian eyers

The poet and artist, Lucian Eyers has been writing poetry, painting and drawing from childhood for more than forty years. Lucian’s adventure stories and spiritual poems tackle complex issues with clarity and wisdom. He explains that much of the inspiration for his poetry comes directly from his angel and spirit guides. Lucian has the rare ability to combine art and poetry that brings to the reader, laughter, hope and revelation.



These Christmas cards are poems and pictures taken from ‘The Second Sparky Book of Hours’
and are in colour. You can listen to the poet reading each poem by clicking below. The cards
do not contain sound.

If you wish to order an Audio CD of the poet reading all 52 poems, then please click here.

Every quality card is A5 (210 mm x 149 mm) and comes with a self seal envelope.

Each pack includes 5 of each type, making a pack of 10 cards and envelopes in total.


'Christmas Eve' Click here to listen                   'Timmy's Gloves' Click here to listen      

Per pack of 10
8.00 (including 20% tax)